23.02.17 - Sherwood Forest

Here are just a few images from my day in Sherwood Forest. This is the largest remaining piece of the mythical wood that once covered most of Nottinghamshire, and was the legendary home of the outlaw Robin Hood. Of course Robin Hood is a fictional character, but the wood is real enough, and it is full of the most characterful old trees as you can see. In the centre is the "Major Oak", at 1,150 years old it is one of the oldest trees in Britain. The trunk is hollow, and when I was a kid you could go right inside it and pretend to be Robin Hood hiding from the Sheriff's men. Now it is fenced off as too many feet have compacted the ground and started to damage the roots. You can see that the larger branches are supported by struts and wires, but apparently the old tree is still growing well. Top left is "Twister", a scary looking tree whose trunk has grown into a full 360 degree twist. Winter is probably the best time to see the structure of the trees without leaves to get in the way, but I cant wait to go back when there is greenery, and when the purple heather is blooming in the heathland areas.

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