17.02.17 - New Mosque in Progress

This is Lincoln's new mosque, finally nearing completion after months of delays. The Lincoln area has a Muslim community of about 2,000, and for the last few years they have been meeting in an old and very tiny converted chapel. They are paying for the mosque entirely themselves, and most non-Muslims in the area are very supportive of the project. But unfortunately they continue to fight a small but vocal and violent minority who take every opportunity to oppose the build. These people call themselves "Britain First" and "East Anglian Patriots", and regularly arrange protest marches in the city. Threats have been made against the mosque and local Muslims, and the bigots regularly spew their bile on local news forums. On the positive side there are strong links between Muslims and the wider community, and the mosque promises to be a vibrant addition to the local scene. I'm not a Christian but I regularly enjoy photographing churches, and I look forward to taking photos of the completed mosque, inside and out.