27.10.13 - Double Take

It seems so long ago now when we made our first Dr Who fan film, almost 2 years since we started shooting in fact, but yesterday we had a special screening of both movies for cast, crew and friends. It was at the beautiful Kinema in the Woods, built in the 1920s and still full of charm, and perfect for the occasion. I managed to get a few shots from the back of the theatre, and I really like how the 10/16th exposure caught two shots and merged them together here. The first movie, "The Mystery of Rorrim", has been available free on the internet for a long time now, check out Youtube if you are interested. The second, "Untimely Death" will be available in early November. Remember that they were both made on nil budget, initially for fun, but also as practice for shooting dialogue and action. Our previous films have been short historical documentaries, but we are currently working on a film commemorating the centenary of the start of WW1. We have secured some funding for that, and are working on more, and we had the first script run through on Saturday. It feels fantastic at the moment, watch this space, I'll no doubt be giving regular updates over coming months :)

dr whomoviedouble take