18.01.14 - Edwardian Shoot

This is from the photoshoot yesterday to show off some of the wonderful costumes being made for our WW1 film "Tell Them of Us". My fellow producer and costumier Pauline Loven has created an army of knitters spread around the world from Orkney to Omaha, dedicated to recreating outfits from the period. Sometimes they are using genuine Edwardian knitting patterns, occasionally all they have to go on are old photos, but the results are all fantastic. These photos will now be used for the next level of publicity for the movie, including a Kickstarter crowd funding application to cover the costs of making these outfits and posting them around the world. The model is actress Bryony Roberts, who has worked with us many times before, playing parts as diverse as Queen Catherine Howard and Doctor Who's assistant "Alice" in our fan films :)

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