28.11.13 - Love Christmas?

I am embarrassed to be showing a photo of a Christmas tree in November, but circumstances conspired against me! I prefer to put Christmas decorations up in mid-December, but my housemate insists on putting them up on the 1st. My kids wanted to help decorate the tree, but they are away over this weekend, so we all compromised and put it up last night!

Some of you will remember the heart shaped light painting from last year, but for those who didn't see it this is how you do it. Choose a 4-5 second shutter speed, then move the camera in the shape of an upside down heart while you shoot. If you don't do it upside down the hearts will be upside down. You can also do stars. These aren't my best, I didn't manage to finish where I started, but I have been out of practice for a year :)

Christmas treelightsheartslight painting