12.08.13 - Is it a Bird, is it a Plane?

No it is the International Space Station, and actually there is a plane too just off to the right but a lot fainter despite being much closer. I suspect I was one of millions around the world sitting outside last night watching the Perseid meteor shower, but in the UK we had the ISS fly over twice too. I saw lots of shooting stars, but none came out very well in photos. The light pollution is a huge problem when stargazing these days, but I still never tire of looking at the night sky. One day I will own a camera that can capture them as well as my eyes :)

I see that the most popular pics still aren't showing today. How long do we give Smug to fix it before we start jumping up and down again? It isn't just the Dailies, it is ever community that is affected. But as Art said yesterday, they still haven't fixed the bug in the "all comments" pages, and that has been there for over 2 months!

Message to Smugmug, there is no point whooping and hollering about your new sexy layouts, with all those wonderful big photos, if the damn site is still full of bugs and glitches!

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