15.01.15 - Cathedral Watercolour

I had another guided photo walk planned for last night but had to cancel it due to high winds. This gave me the chance to play with some old images, and I decided to create some "watercolour" images using the process I developed myself a few years ago. and have shown on the Dailies before. It involves manipulating light, shadows and contrast. I use photoshop elements. Go into the "enhance" drop down menu, choose "adjust lighting" and "shadows/highlights". This opens a box with 3 sliders; lighten shadows, darken highlights and midtone contrast. Push all as far to the right as you need for the effect, I often push them all the way. You might need further slight tinkering to get it how you want it, but often that is enough. This effect works really well with some images, and not at all with others, you soon get a feel for what will work. Detailed images taken in flat grey light work best. Those taken in bright sunlight with big blocks of single colours don't work well. Happy experimenting :)

lincoln cathedralwatercolourframe