03.07.14 - Steep Hill

I'm always looking for new perspectives to shoot popular landmarks around Lincoln. Steep Hill is our most famous street and was voted the greatest street in Britain back in 2012, it must have been photographed millions of times. I think this is the first time I've shot this tight crop of a small section of the hill, but I like the almost Escher quality of it, and the repetition.

Thank-you for the comments on my colour/monochrome shot yesterday. I should have explained the technicalities of it yesterday, but for those that asked here is how I did it. I selected the section of the photo without modern features and converted that initially in Color Efex Pro using one of the "old photo filters" to add grain and tones. I then fine tuned shadows and highlights to what I wanted in PSE. I feathered the edges to get a smooth transition to the untouched part of the image.

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