24.06.14 - 1914 School

Yesterday was the first of another batch of days filming Tell Them of Us, our project to commemorate the centenary of the start of WW1. We had a big and complex day, the main scene involved turning the village school back 100 years, complete with kids! The children did really well, remembering their cues and marks as we filmed the same scene over and over again from different angles and perspectives. Until you are actually involved in making a film you have no appreciation of all the waiting and hanging around, and the kids coped brilliantly with that too.

We have also just launched a new Kickstarter crowd funding campaign to raise funds to cover some of the production costs of the movie. As I've mentioned before, no one is making money out of this, our funding is very limited and everyone is giving the vast majority of their time for free, so any support is gratefully received. Even sharing this link with friends and in blogs etc is a huge help to us, and there is a new teaser trailer of what we've done so far :)

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