25.04.14 - Shell Shock

Another image from the "battlefield" shoot last Wednesday. As well as shooting scenes for "Tell Them of Us" we also took some film footage and stills for a local charity the HILT Foundation. The guys from HILT helped us with the pyrotechnics, and without them we could not have achieved what we did.

They work with ex-servicemen and their families, helping them with issues connected to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) such as homelessness. PTSD was first recognised as "shell shock" back in WW1. Before then soldiers were often seen simply as "cowards" if they were unable to deal with the horrendous stresses of war. Many returning men were unable or unwilling to talk about their experiences, and there was very little support for them anyway. We have moved on a lot with our understanding of these issues, but it is a sad fact that ex-soldiers still have to seek the support of charities a century later.

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