25.12.14 - All Quiet on the Western Bypass!

This is usually just about the busiest road in Lincolnshire, but yesterday it was like a country lane, hardly a soul travelling anywhere. We were at a friend's house at the opposite end of Lincoln, and she was cooking so I took the chance to go for a long run around areas I've not been to for a while. Later I walked to this bridge hoping for a nice sunset, but nothing materialised, and there wasn't even enough traffic for good light trails. But I thought this was still a good reflection of Christmas Day, most people were probably sprawled in front of the TV having eaten far too much :)

Merry Christmas yet again, and thank-you for the wonderful comments and best wishes. Yesterday marked the start of my 8th year with Smugmug, and soon I'll be starting my 8th year on the Dailies :)

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