23.10.14 - Timelines

This is probably the most cliched night photograph in Lincoln, so I have avoided doing it for a while, but it still has to be done from time to time! The footbridge over one of the city's busiest roads gives a great view of the cathedral on the hill, and a long shutter speed gives nice light trails leading up to it. This is from my guided photo walk last night, where I was demonstrating the possibilities of longer shutter speeds. The downside of shooting from here is that the bridge is very prone to vibrations that ruin the shot. People walking on the bridge make it bounce, and traffic passing underneath can also make it shake, so about half the shots you take will be affected.

As a footnote to yesterday's light trail shot, I have realised that the treble clef pattern in the trails was caused by the number "27", which was the route number on a passing bus :)

nightlight trailslincolncathedrallong shutter speedbroadgate