28.07.14 - Candlelight

We had an impromptu day filming "Tell Them of Us" yesterday, just one dialogue scene and lots of "fill in" letter writing scenes. Letters are at the heart of the story. Firstly the letters written by Robert Crowder from the front line in northern France throughout 1917 up to the time of his death at Paschendaele. Then there were the letters written by his mother Ann to the War Office as she tried to find meaning in the loss of her youngest son. All of the letters are now part of the family archive and without them we couldn't have made of film.

We are having to madly re-scedule the last two months filming as two of our major actors have been offered work that they couldn't refuse and we wouldn't dare try to stop them doing. One is working in Disneyland Paris and the other is in a play in London, best of luck to both of them, hugely deserved too.

I have been spoilt as stills photographer on Tell Them of Us because we have had many outdoor scenes. Usually Wag Screen productions are inside dark old buildings and I am struggling with very low lighting, so it was nice to get back to "classic" Wag Screen conditions for a few hours :)

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