29.06.14 - Has it stopped raining yet?

Yesterday filing "Tell Them of Us" was originally meant to be a short easy day, but it turned into a bit of an epic because of the rain. On one level rain adds to the atmosphere and variety of a movie, I couldn't watch a film shot entirely in bright sunshine, but there are limits! I'd never appreciated how much more road noise you get in the rain, and the heavy low cloud seemed to trap all other extraneous sound and bounce it all back at us. Scenes had to be shot over and over again, actors got wetter and wetter, camera and microphone batteries kept running out, and on top of all that there was a cycle race that kept looping through the village where we were shooting! But we soldiered on and got it all done, eventually, with a few more grey (and wet) hairs all round! Here Victoria Rigby (left) and Tiffany Haynes (right) are trying to make the most of it :)

tell them of usmoviefilmWW1 rainwettiffany HaynesVictoria rigby