08.08.14 - It was a Good Plan, But...........

Yesterday should have been one of the highlights of the year, in fact it should have been one of the highlights of many years. I was to photograph a flypast by two old Lancaster bombers, escorted by two Spitfires and the RAF Red Arrows aerobatic display team. This was to be the first time in over 50 years that two Lancasters had flown together. There are in fact only two flying in the world, one in Lincolnshire and the other in Canada, and they had never been seen together before. The Canadian Lanc is in the UK for a month now after a 4 day flight across the Atlantic with stopovers in Greenland and Iceland, and I'm hoping to catch the aircraft together at least once before it returns. I had been invited up on the roof of The Ritz cinema for the flypast, and it was a fantastic viewpoint as you can see from the top two shots. But the weather forecast was bad, and first the flypast was delayed for 45 minutes, then eventually cancelled completely. It was ironic that at the time the flypast was due the clouds had lifted slightly and it looked promising, but within 30 minutes there was a massive electrical storm and I got soaked to the skin walking home, as you can see from the bottom photos!

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