13.09.14 - Child's Play

Apologies for another collage of vintage costumes, but yesterday we had another big photoshoot, this time to showcase the costumes made for children and young people in Tell Them of Us. I'm still working my way through the hundreds of images I took, this is just a tiny selection! Just when we think we have finished another batch of freshly knitted "ganseys" or hats and shawls arrives in the post. Next weekend we are filming the Armistice Day celebrations in the village, and hopefully will fill the street with people in costume, all we ask for is reasonable weather :)

To answer a few common questions about the film; it premieres in Lincoln on November 8th, with a big charity premiere to raise money to save the village church a few days later. It will also then spend about a month being shown at Lincoln's main museum The Collection, where we are also organising a big exhibition of costumes, props and backstory. It will then go on the Film Festival circuit, we already have an invitation to one on the East coast of the US and hope a lot more will follow. It has been filmed to broadcast standard so we are trying to get it shown on TV too, but there is obviously a lot of competition for this. It will be available for sale on DVD, with a bonus disc of extra goodies, and ultimately be released free on the internet. It looks like the film will run at about 80 minutes

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