23.01.15 - Shadows and Lines

Another collage from my guided photo walk on Thursday evening. Just a week left of my seventh year on the Dailies. Having the usual internal debate as to whether to continue into an 8th year or not. It can be a chore and I feel bad that I don't get to comment as much as I used to, but it is also a good discipline to keep up. Trying to make a living from my photography has also grown increasingly tough over the last year. Fewer and fewer people are willing to pay for photos. Individuals think they can do their own, and many have more expensive cameras than the pros, just not a clue how to use them. Businesses and media outlets get more images for free as amateurs are happy to donate them and get their moment of fame from a published photo. The photographers that make money tend to be those willing to market themselves in a quirky way, smoke and mirrors, image over content, no pun intended, and I've never been into marketing or branding. There are still a lot of creative people and projects out there, just no funding. So how long does the struggle continue, watch this space.....

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