02.12.14 - Stairway to Heaven

I was going to post a spectacular sunset panorama from yesterday, it really was a good one, but I've posted lots of sunsets during my time on the Dailies so here is something very different!

This is from my guided photo walk round Lincoln last night. It was very cold, with a strong north wind, but we had a lot of fun and hopefully everyone got a lot of nice images. This is a stairwell at the university that has those wonderful lights that constantly change. There is only one stairwell, I've turned it into a triptych to show the changing colours. We'd taken lots of photos before we realised that it looked far more interesting if we waited for people to be silhouetted. Unfortunately it was the evening so wasn't very busy, but it does create a fun image I think.

triptychnightstairwelllincoln university