03.03.14 - The Parting..........

I'm still editing photos from the "Tell Them of Us" shoot at the weekend, and we have another tomorrow morning so this really is dominating my life at the moment, but in a good way :)

Here a young man is being driven to the station, the first stage in his journey to France and war, leaving his girlfriend wondering if she will ever see him again. This scene has been repeated throughout history in some shape or form, and sadly will probably be repeated over and over again in the future too. It continues to be a joy to work with such a dedicated cast and crew, there were a few tears in the eyes as we filmed some of these scenes! We pride ourselves in our attention to details when we make historical films, we even managed to get the correct registration plates for the family Studebaker!

A few people have asked about where the film will be released? Once completed it will be shown in local museums along with an exhibition, then do the round of film festivals. We are filming to broadcast standard so will approach TV companies too, fingers crossed. But eventually it will be released free on the internet so everyone will be able to see it :)

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