17.01.15 - Birds of Friendship

This batik wall hanging has featured as a Daily before i think, back in the mists of time, but I thought I'd present it a bit differently today. I bought it on the Isle of Skye many years ago and it has huge sentimental value to me. The design is an ancient Celtic one representing birds of friendship. Batik is a very old process that involves using a combination of wax and dye to make the patterns. I love the little imperfections where the dye seeped through the wax slightly.

Regarding my light trail collage yesterday, a lot of people remarked that I hadn't used a tripod and therefore the shots were "handheld". There may be slight confusion here, because although I didn't use a tripod there is no way you can hold a camera steady in your hands for at least 5 seconds without support. The camera was in fact resting on walls and flat topped railings, which are at least as stable as any tripod and don't involve handling metal in sub-zero temperatures :)

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