20.07.14 - Trouble Brewing?

We lost our internet connection early on Saturday morning and only got it back late Sunday night so although this was taken on Saturday afternoon it is my Daily for the whole weekend. The run of hot weather continues in the UK, sparking off thunderstorms all over the place, but we've been lucky and have missed the worst of them. This sky looked like it was going to be horrendous, but it missed us and dropped a downpour to the north. This is a 2 shot portrait orientation photomerge panorama taking in a large part of the western sky.

HUGE THANKS! The Kickstarter crowd funding campaign for our film "Tell Them of Us" has almost hit it's target. It stalled about halfway through but a sudden surge of backers over the weekend has put us within £100 of our total. I know a lot of you have shared this link and spread it around the world, reaching countless people that would not have been possible without your help. I can't thank you guys enough, this has been a labour of love for a couple of years now and it is so great to see it nearing completion. We have a tough couple of months now finishing off the filming, and funding is always an issue on such a tight budget, but we will get there. Any more shares of our Kickstarter will be gratefully received, we would like to surpass our target if possible, it all helps. There are lots of new updates on there too;

photomerge panoramaskydark clouds