28.4.09 - Somewhere, over the...............

How many times have you posted a boring Daily, and then something like this happened later? Well it happened to me yesterday. I was driving to play my mate Ian at squash last night when the storm clouds started to break up. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this huge rainbow, a full arch, but I was driving down a tree lined road with nowhere to stop for a photo. Then I spotted my chance, a quick u-turn in the road and dived into the car park of a Mormon church. The sun was so low, and the arch so high, that there was no way to get all of the rainbow in shot, but through a gap in the trees I had this view. The light was incredible, the trees looked more like October than April. I fired off a few shots, but it was still raining heavily and the rainbow didn't last long. When I emerged from squash an hour later there were the remnants of an incredible sunset, but sunsets are a lot more common than this view so I didn't mind missing it :)

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