20.4.09 - The Summer Starts Here

After a particularly manic, but generally successful day, I went for an early evening wind down walk round Lincoln West Common. The light was stunning, a sort of golden haze, the breeze was warm and soft. I spent most of my childhood playing on this ancient field. Once the evenings started to get warmer and lighter, all the kids would finish their homework and flood out onto the Common for games of football. We would stay out until it was too dark to see the ball, or until our Mothers came looking for us. Tonight was one of those evenings.

But these days I'm older, and there isn't anyone to come and drag me back home. But I am now allowed in pubs, now so that's how I finished the evening, watching the sunset with a pint of porter in the shadow of Lincoln Castle. Bring on Tuesday :)

For another glimpse of Spring check out my Monday Challenge shot here; http://www.lightanddreamsphotography.com/gallery/7093288_hSxt4#516619067_xNhdj

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