6.4.09 - It's the small things again......

I'm feeling really rough today, a bug has taken up residence in my sinuses and throat. At least I'm hoping it's a bug and not allergies, because allergies in April doesn't bear thinking about! I went for a walk in the Nature Reserve near home at lunchtime in an attempt to clear my head. It worked nicely, apart from the frustration of chasing the first butterflies of the year and not even getting close to a shot. There aren't many wild flowers out yet, but if you look closely enough there is always beauty for those who seek it out. I'm so pleased with this shot, hand held in shaky hands, with a strong breeze blowing, and a 200mm lens that pretends to be a macro on a good day.

Thanks for the comments on my comedy geese yesterday. I tend to agree with Stephonie that I was too aggressive with the vignette, another lesson learnt :)

Lovers of poetry might want to check out my Monday Challenge entry here; http://johnloguk.smugmug.com/gallery/7093288_hSxt4#506641924_RCAAZ

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