23.4.09 - Bluebell Disco :)

I suppose this is the companion piece to my recent "Daffodil Disco", and just goes to prove that you don't need a rig the size of a Pink Floyd concert to get a good light show! When I first processed this shot I wasn't too happy, because the slight breeze meant that I couldn't get the flowers as sharp as I'd have liked. But I do love the translucent quality of the bluebells, the web, droplets and that nice bokeh. There was a natural vignette anyway, but I accentuated it in Elements and quite like the result now.

Today is also St. George's Day, the Patron Saint of England. I'm not one for big shows of patriotism, but a bluebell wood is about as English as you can get. Until today I didn't know that we have 25% of the World's population of wild bluebells, so we need to look after them.