14.11.08 - Escapism

Some days drive you mad, and then there was today! What could go wrong did go wrong, and what didn't go wrong didn't matter anyway. For the fifth week running my courier messed up and my brain exploded. I'm normally such a placid, philosophical and pragmatic guy, but repeated incompetence sometimes needs a rant to get the message across. Next Friday will tell whether or not the rant was worth it, I wait with baited breath.

You will have noticed from past Dailies that when I'm really p****d off I retreat into my head and beautiful high mountains. This is one of my favourite places, it has featured here before, but this is a new panoramic image that I created this evening to cheer myself up. This is Taweche Towers, at about 18,000', looking south across the Khumbu Valley in Nepal. Mount Everest is back over my left shoulder. Considerably less people have stood on the summit of Taweche Towers than have summitted Everest itself, this is a magical place. I wish I could take you all there.

And yes, I'm feeling much better now thanks :)

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