25.11.08 - Men at Work!

I would like to say that this shot was meticulously planned, but of course I was just incredibly lucky :)

Around sunset I happened to be working near a footpath that runs between some sports fields. I thought that I might get a relatively clear view towards the Cathedral, so set off with the camera. I came to a nice gap in some trees and was looking at what I thought was a large weather vane, then it moved! Then the other guy appeared and I realised what I was looking at. The men working on the chimney are about 200metres away, the Cathedral is about 1km away. 5 metres either side and the guys were invisible, so very very lucky. I am so chuffed with this image, and tomorrow I'm going to see if I can find the workmen and show them this photo. There might be a sale in it :)

PS. I've just noticed that this is my 300th Daily :)