30.11.08 - Peace and Contemplation

This image was left over from a couple of days ago when I did the misty collage. I always felt that I could do something else with this, and in the end this is just a sepia photo filter, but it conveys the feelings I wanted to get across, so I'm really happy with it. At the time I sloppily let the back of my car intrude into the photo, so that was cloned out. But otherwise it is just a B&W conversion, an adjustment of contrast and the sepia filter. I love these misty days with the sun trying to break through, and the stark silhouettes of the trees, mind you, it was bloody cold :)

There is an alternative treatment here which emphasises the cold a bit more; http://johnloguk.smugmug.com/gallery/4328734_9ZqLR#427338235_SzU46

For those of you that asked about my curry night, it was a lot of fun. I love cooking, especially Indian food, and this was a chance to show off a bit with friends. They brought liquid refreshment, I did the food, and we all got totally stuffed! I'm now eating the leftovers, which are even tastier than last night :)