13.04.12 - The Blue Lady

These alien planet experiments have been something very very different for me, and although I have no intention of doing them regularly I would recommend that everyone tries at least one of them. The idea came to me when I was thinking of the backgrounds that are going to be added to the green screen in some of the scenes in our Dr Who movie, which is nearing completion by the way..

The model here is my friend Jo, who designs and makes beautiful dresses like these as Blue Lady Couture. Her work is well worth seeking out.

The basic principle of making these is very simple, just put one image on top of another and erase the bits you don't want so that it looks like one picture, but of course it isn't as simple as that :)

But the more you do the easier they get. I'd recommend starting with pics with a level unbroken horizon, those are much easier to join. Then gradually build up to more complicated images. Long hair and transparent materials are the hardest part of making these, and I've certainly not perfected that part of things yet!

IMPORTANT:- hopefully a final word on the thumbs downers and abusive anonymous commenters. Thanks for your responses to my comments yesterday, but it is very important that if you want this resolving you must contact Andy at Smug about it. As I type this no one has added to the thread I started on Dgrin, and unless people contact Smug they are likely to claim that it isn't an issue and continue to ignore the situation. If you have contacted Andy privately then thank-you for that, and let's hope that he is as good as his word and does something about it.

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