15.04.12 - Distant Impressions

Every now and again people ask me why I call my photographic business "Light and Dreams Photography". It is difficult to express in a few words, but this image sums it up. For me photography is all about the light, and trying to create dreams with it, which sounds very pretentious, but it is how I feel in my heart. Most of the time this isn't possible, you can only do so much with the conditions at the time, and my skills aren't enough to make something beautiful every time I click the shutter, unlike the photographers I aspire to. But yesterday evening the light was absolutely magical, which made things a lot easier :)

This is more or less the reverse shot to yesterday's Daily, but a totally different perspective of course. I actually took about 90 photos while walking the dog, but most were very similar as I tried to catch the golden glow of the low sunlight on the oilseed rape fields. I've made a small gallery from the walk here;

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