3.1.11 - Shine I finally got some sleep last night and felt a bit better today. After dark I decided to take a short walk with the camera, and even took my tripod along! I only intended going to the local shops and looking for a subject there, but the freezing night air cleared my tubes and I ended up in the Cathedral Quarter. Unfortunately I hadn't checked the camera battery, and it died after a few shots. Handling a tripod isn't recommended in freezing temperatures either, so I definitely chose a bad time to venture out with it, but hey, all lessons learned are good ones. This is the first "antique postcard" effect image I've used for a Daily since September, there is a different monochrome treatment of the same shot here; http://www.lightanddreamsphotography.com/gallery/15316442_WFv49#1146043514_Q3CYf - Light and Dreams Photography