16.12.10 - Frozen Steps Snow returned briefly to Lincoln, and more is forecast for the next few days. But I've been struggling to keep on top of things today and haven't had chance to take any new pics, so this is a re-working of a shot from a couple of weeks ago. Greestone Stairs have been a route up into the Cathedral precinct since at least the 12th century, and are one of my chosen ways into town when I want to avoid crowds and traffic. They are of course said to be haunted, talk of severed heads and strange apparitions are common place, but then alcohol has that effect on impressionable minds :) I've used the same "bleach bypass" processing in Color Efex Pro that I used yesterday, and it is rapidly becoming one of my favourite PP effects. Thanks for all the recent comments, I hope to get back to commenting myself when I can make the world slow down a bit. There is a very different version of this image here; http://www.lightanddreamsphotography.com/Photography/ANTIQUE-POSTCARDS/4483933_WXB8B#1128668191_jyRfX - Light and Dreams Photography