19.02.13 - Frosty Foggy Fishponds Just when we thought Spring was in the air we woke to freezing fog! By the time I got organised to go out with the camera I thought the frost would have gone, but there was still some down by the river and fishponds. It always amazes me how the temperature varies between town and country, even over the space of a few yards. Literally the other side of the ponds, in the background here, there was no frost. The fog cleared by lunchtime, leaving us with a glorious cloudless sunny day. Thanks for the comments on my sculpture shot yesterday, for those that are interested there is a small gallery here showing different angles and perspectives; http://johnloguk.smugmug.com/Art/TEMPLE-GARDENS-SCULPTURES/28087435_RcCCMk#!i=2373022841&k=ZLwmz9q - Light and Dreams Photography