13.02.13 - Return of the White Stuff! Snow was forecast for yesterday afternoon, and it duly arrived as I was walking into town for a meeting. I took the scenic route back home along the river and through Boultham Park to get some pics, as it was forecast to change to heavy rain later. This is a 2 shot photomerge panorama at the opposite end of the lake that I've used for panos previously. When I arrived I was mobbed by the ducks and coots who thought I was going to feed them. You can see that the moment they realised I was only taking photos they turned tail and headed back to the water! It is snowing quite heavily here, but it was very fine so it is hard to pick up. Thanks for the wonderful comments to my night shot yesterday, it is one of my favourites. I'm really busy at the moment so my own commenting continues to be very patchy. - Light and Dreams Photography