25.02.13 - Dog at the Door! Yesterday was a bad day, nothing went right, everything and anything that could go wrong did go wrong. The things I expected to go right managed to find some way of going wrong too. Enquiries about work turned into dead ends, and I seemed to keep having to deal with people who have have humour and/or intelligence bypass operations! Oh and the bug that I thought I'd shaken off last week, but which was really just hiding and waiting for the right moment to re-appear, did so with a vengeance. I think it is people that I find most disappointing though. I know some wonderful ones, but unfortunately I keep having to deal with some really ignorant nasty bigoted ones at the moment. Their whole world view is so nasty, full of scapegoats to blame, and their only way of dealing with it seems to be to treat everyone with suspicion, hatred and fear. Sorry to rant like this on my Daily, but that was my day. I almost didn't take a photo all day, but last night Mr Willis made the perfect subject waiting patiently at the door to be let back in from the garden. This is how I feel a lot of the time these days, waiting patiently on the outside, wondering what on earth is going on :) - Light and Dreams Photography