27.01.10 - Walking Away As I approach the end of my second year on the Dailies I have been considering whether to carry on, or whether to move on to something new. Originally it was only a 12 month project, but I've been having so much fun I decided to keep going. But the second year has been more difficult. I've been so busy that commenting regularly has got harder and harder, and even taking a shot every day has become a chore some days. Yesterday wasn't one of those though. A simple trip into town for the bank turned into a mini photo walk at dusk, my favourite time of day. If I hadn't been on the Dailies I would never have had my camera with me, and I'd have missed this shot. However, all the above is insignificant compared to the elation I felt last night when I was placed 3rd in the Photography Corner Photo of the Year competition! I genuinely didn't expect that, the standard of images was so high. So a huge thanks to everyone who has supported me, especially those of you who voted for me :) http://www.photographycorner.com/blog/2010/01/the-2nd-runner-up-3rd-place-in-the-2009-photograph-of-the-year-contest - Light and Dreams Photography