DAILY PHOTOS FIRST YEAR - # - Light and Dreams Photography
14.1.09 - High on Grass :)

Who needs illegal drugs when you have light like this! OK, the saga of the missing book. I eventually found it this morning, under a balloon, just don't ask! I also found £11.20 in the car while I was searching, so a double success. It also instantly relieved my stress levels which were stratospheric last night. Apologies for going AWOL from the Dailies, but I had other things on my mind. Now I'm back, but have 170 photos to process!

Having de-stressed myself I decided that I needed a treat to finish the process off, so I took a trip to a new nature reserve that I'd not been too. The light was magical, soft and golden, the air was crisp and cold, the ground frozen where the sun hadn't reached. I'll post some pics when I sort them out, but this will do for now, straight out of the camera.

Oh does anyone want anymore excitement? The police cordoned off our housing estate last night, imaginations ran riot. It turned out that a conservation volunteer on the local nature reserve had found an unexploded mortar shell while laying hedges!!!