9.1.09 - Bike I decided to set myself my own little challenge today, 30 minutes to think of a shot that I hadn't done before, it must be indoors, and then process it. I walk past my bike umpteen times every day but have never photographed it, so I decided that today was the big day. But you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to photograph something as big as a bike, indoors, without odd shapes and shadows distracting in the background. This was taken on my landing, where the bike lives bizarrely, with a slight crop to get rid of a door frame and window sill. The PP is just to make it look a bit more artistic. You can't believe how difficult I found this. I'm used to wandering around with my camera, taking my time, no pressure, looking and waiting for a photo opportunity to present itself, which they always do. But this was tough, and with time and more thought I would make it far more interesting. But you only improve if you try different things and put pressure on yourself occasionally. Now back to the real world and my manic Friday. No time to comment just yet, hope to get back to you all later. PS. Looking at the exif I didn't quite manage the challenge in 30 minutes :) - Light and Dreams Photography