6.11.08 - Walk On By I think I must be getting addicted to dusk photography, I took about 100 shots this evening as I rushed around town looking for different photo opportunities. I haven't even begun to sort them out properly yet, and with manic Friday tomorrow it may have to wait until the weekend. But anyway, here is my bit of fun for today. I'm trying to get braver, and more inventive, about taking people shots like this. I like the hustle and bustle, and I like the challenge too. For this one I was sitting on a bench with the camera at my side. The available light, what little of it there was, gave a slow enough shutter speed to convey just the right amount of movement. Four shots taken one after another, and all I had to do was choose which one had people in the best places. I added the watercolour effect just because I could, and because it is a bit different to my street scene of the other day. As a footnote, the beautiful old building opposite is the best tea/coffee shop on the planet, and if you like these things you could spend hours on their brilliant website here; http://www.stokes-coffee.co.uk/index.html - Light and Dreams Photography