5.10.08 Swanholme Lakes Sunset No big colours in the sky last night but it was still a beautiful sunset. I went down to Hartsholme Park and Swanholme Lakes hoping to get some Autumn colour in the late afternoon light, and got this instead. Water literally adds another dimension to sunsets, with the cool breeze creating some nice ripples to add to the reflections. There aren't many places with a clear view across the Lakes, but I think the trees and foliage add something to this shot anyway. It is hard to believe that this place is in the middle of a City. At dusk the birdsong almost drowns out the noise of distant traffic. There were quite a few people around, walking the dog, jogging, or just taking in the quietness at the end of the day. My internet connection was hopeless over the weekend, so I hardly got to comment on the Dailies. I'll add some more shots from last night if the connection holds up this morning. Uploaded some more shots here; http://johnloguk.smugmug.com/gallery/4053411_yY5Qg#387836374_7zD84 - Light and Dreams Photography