27.6.08 - Beauty beneath our feet. This image was promted by an incident when I was out photographing with Steve yesterday. We were walking through some wildflowers when I spotted a tiny orchid. Steve said that he would never have seen it if I hadn't pointed it out. I had to be honest and agreed that if it hadn't been for the Dailies I wouldn't have noticed it either. This silly little project has made me look at so many things with different eyes. I thought that I saw lots of details that others didn't see in landscapes, but I always tended to look for the big view, the dramatic sky, the snowcapped peak. Now I tend to look down a lot more, and a good job too or I would miss beautiful scenes like this, hidden down deep amongst the long summer grasses. I thought long and hard about how to present this, and opted for a simple frame. Tomorrow morning I'm in town, and I will try to get some more street shots. Variety is certainly the spice of the Dailies :) - Light and Dreams Photography