27.06.12 - Olympic Torch Relay Celebrations It was a great day, a once in a lifetime occasion. We took the kids and they loved it too, even though it was a very long evening for them. I didn't get any really good shots of the torch itself, just too many people, and keeping an eye on the twins in the crowds was a higher priority than getting good pics. I messed up the firework pics a bit in the evening, but got some great live music shots. We also had lots of great food, everything was organised superbly and the weather couldn't have been better. I'd no idea what shot to choose for my Daily out of 400, so you get a collage :) Now back to the processing! Late Edit; I meant to add that the guy singing top left is called Elliot Morris, and if you want to check him out on Youtube you won't be disappointed, he is an incredible talent - Light and Dreams Photography