14.02.12 - Time for Reflection Thank-you for the wonderful response to my Dailies featuring Tiffany over the last couple of days. This shot will probably be the last I use as a Daily, but I'm including it just to show how unpredicatble things happen, no matter how much you plan a shoot. We had finished the shoot really, but before we left the Aviation Heritage Centre Tiffany had spotted some old vehicles at the far end of the hanger. This old car was in a closed display behind a fence, but we were allowed in to take a few final shots. The actual shot we wanted was from outside the car with the door closed, but as Tiffany was getting into the car I noticed the reflection in the window. I only took 2 quick shots from this position, and didn't look at them until I'd processed all the others. Even the monochrome conversion was an afterthought, and it is the only one of over 1,000 shots that I did this to, but we both really love it! - Light and Dreams Photography