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I am an award winning photographer based in the beautiful historic city of Lincoln, in the East of England, but have travelled the world in search of beautiful images and experiences. My work has been published in books and magazines, and I have won local, national and international photographic competitions. I started out in life as a pure landscape photographer, fired by my love of nature, wilderness and wild places. In recent years I've broadened my range to include portraits, urban and street photography, product photography, weddings, and photo journalism. In fact I'll turn my hand to most things, no job is too big or too small. My mission remains to capture the light and bring dreams to life, whatever the subject.

I organise regular photo walks around town, ideal for beginners and experienced photographers wanting to do more, or who simply want to discover more of the wonderful hidden corners that Lincoln has to offer. E-mail me for details, I am also happy to organise guided photo walks at any time to suit you, or even one to one tuition sessions.

I take private and corporate commissions, at very competitive rates. I am not studio based and work almost exclusively in natural light. I am extremely flexible and love the challenge of working outside my comfort zone. Drop me a line and see what I can do for you.

You can buy your favourite images, as prints, t-shirts, mugs and lots of other great gifts, straight off this website. Check the links to my 2015 calendars at the bottom of the page. Again, feel free to contact me direct for any special requests.

As well as the images for sale on this website you can buy my large format coffee table book "Light and Dreams" here, There is now a new compact version to suit smaller budgets.

If you want to be part of this wonderful SmugMug community, remember to quote my Smug nickname "Johnloguk" as a reference, and earn us both a nice discount!

Also, for the first time I have someone else's image for sale here. My friend Sue Chafer caught a unique photo of the Lancaster Bomber flying between the towers of Lincoln Cathedral, during the flypast to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the famous "Dambusters" raid in WW2. You can see it here;!i=2754269968&k=vnwjVFq

You can contact me on


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